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Join our award winning team!

Fresh Coast Market is a world class gourmet market on the west side of Traverse City!  We are proud of our culture at Fresh Coast and we boast a 100% drama free environment that allows you to thrive in your daily work!  


Why Work at Fresh Coast Market?

  • We treat you like family!  We are passionate to hire the right people, train them well, pay them well, treat them well and let them thrive!  

  • We love to laugh...a lot!  Having fun at work is part of the job!  

  • We have a 100% drama free workforce....we just don't tolerate drama or behavioral issues.  Whether you work mornings or evenings, we have a great group of people who work well together to help and support one another.  

  • We pay well and offer great benefits!

  • There is plenty of room to grow with Fresh Coast! 

  • We have a multi-generational workforce!  From 14 years old to team members in their 60's & 70's, we have a position for everyone!

Benefits at Fresh Coast Market...

  • FREE, no cost telehealth health care for all Full Time team members including medical, mental health, dermatology, neck & back, nutrition, professional medical referral and prescription support.  

  • We love technology and use digital platforms and apps for schedules, time clocks, direct deposit, requesting time off, and team communication.  

  • Low cost memberships to the Grand Traverse YMCA!  

  • Free meals while you work! 

  • Free drinks including coffee, juice, soda, lattes, frappes, and more while you work!  

  • Free Pizza to take home once a month!

  • Free membership to RightNow Media, a video recourse for leadership and families

  • Discounts to area merchants.  

  • Free Uniforms!  

  • Easy parking and access, never worry about fighting traffic in town or paying for parking. 

  • No Late Nights!  We close at 8pm daily.  

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